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I believe in inculcating strong knowledge-based concepts in the minds of people. My organization is laid upon helping individuals across industries and sectors to grasp the best and eliminating the need to fuss over unnecessary details. My life concept is evolved in the modern times where I have always been feeling that I could achieve true happiness by making people around me feel happy and healthy. I combine my skills and experience and raise my goal that will touch many people’s daily lives. I decided to channel my projects by exclusively concentrating in the Welfare and advancement of the Women and Children. I am actively engaged in implementing many of my objectives towards this desire.

Time is Money. Cash is King.

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N FIRE Enterprises

We increase Visibility, Revenue , Market share of Organizations across the globe.


Tunnel 2 Towers

A Training Academy that aims to reach corporate and individuals and provide easily accessible knowledge.


SAMS Trust

A non-profit Organization which inculcates people to "Be the Change that we want to see in Others"














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I always believe in myself and work with a personal goal to help out the poor and needy, irrespective of caste, creed, colors, religion and boundaries, with priority to women and students who are willing to work with me to improve their economical conditions and their quality of life and contribute their best to the society at large. To continue my work and to fulfill many of my Big Dreams, after I retired myself from the company affairs I decided to choose the line of industries where I need not invest huge money but I will have to invest my time and share my proven experience to people in various segments . I completed my graduation in English Literature , did my post graduation in Hospital Management & Health Care. Continued my entrepreneurship since 1995, organized various events across India , Singapore and Malaysia, along with many organizations. My great passion since 1987 in adopting 1 child every year on a mutual understanding with their parents and support them to the best of my capacity for their education and career development helped me understand the value of my existence. I could connect with like-minded people and form a Team and named it as N FIRE (a Team with Never Ending Fire). Now, I feel very proud, responsible and thankful to contribute my maximum time and energy with my team, in serving the community to achieve my goal. It gives me an immense pleasure and satisfaction looking at my team, from a good to great living style with lot of self-respect, adequate education , business knowledge and also with lot of self confidence. Among the various Awards and Citations, the Title “Gem of India“ which was conferred on me in the year 2010 , recognizing my dedicated contribution to the society has made me realize my high responsibility towards my service to the society . I strongly believe that, as long as I exist in this earth, I will serve back the Community and the Country, which was instrumental in elevating me to this advanced social level , with the best of my knowledge, potential and sincerity, and my actions will demonstrate success. I will be the Change that I want to see in Others and I will prefer to emphasise on how to Live a Big and Bold Life.


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When “I” is replaced by “We”….Illness becomes Wellness….


Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibility is the idea that businesses should balance profit making activities with activities that benefit society.


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I have a Voice… I cannot remain Silent….

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